Hot philipina teen girl (12)

Hot philipina teen girl

she is a user. tries to use guys for money or to get her into other countries. She tried using me and a few others i know of.

she told us all she was in love with us almost right after meeting us.

she gave these pics to us in exchange for cash she might never get.

she is completely daffy for a guy named GIL. she is totally in love with this dude and she cant even admit it.

everytime we are sexual or something she always talks about him. about how she knows he wants her and wanted to taste her p*ssy.

she told me the pics with her showing is from her masturbating to the thought of gil.

she said she tried to steal him away from her sister or from her husbands sister or something. but he never gave her the time of day. her crazy even tried to get naked on cam for gil and he still didnt want her.

she admitted to me that she spent the night with gil and the guys wife and that she seen the outline of gils in his pants and she said she fucked her pussy in front of gil and his wife while they were sleeping.

she will never admit that shes in love with this guy but she always talks about him especially when we are together getting sexual.

this girl keeps trying to get money from me and trying to get me to bring her to my country. no way.

she looks , she is 22 years . the uniform shes in is her uniform. she is from the philippines and they all wear that type of shit, yes even in .

sorry for the quality, but thats the best she can do in the philippines, she was being discrete while her friends and family were in the next and no power electricity. camera on phone is worthless too

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